"The ability to store food and grain over long winters helped enable the rapid growth of cities and civilizations."


  • Silos hold the food you produce. Keep your silos well protected from invading armies. Upgrade them to increase your food storage capacity.
  • If your available loot is x and the number of silos you have is n, then typically around 0.6 * x / ( n + 1 ) is the loot per silo. So for available loot of 20,000 and you have 4 silos, then the loot would be 20000 * 0.6 / 5 = 2400. 2400 for each silo and 2400 for all farms combined. This typically holds true if all silos have the same level.

Offensive Strategy

  • If you are looking for Food, you should attack this building.

Defensive Strategy

  • Silos should be protected by defensive structures, as they are valuable targets for invaders.
  • It is wise to have them behind walls instead of outside them.
  • Powerful structures like the Catapult Emplacement make good traps to lure enemies.


  • The Silo can be upgraded to level 9 (Patch 1.3).

Level Health Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Storage Capacity Required Age
1 1,400 Health 10s 150 Wood 400 Food Age01
2 1,850 Health 15s 250 Wood 1,200 Food Age01
3 2,425 Health 45m 900 Wood 3,250 Food Age02
4 2,900 Health 2h 2,500 Wood 5,000 Food Age03
5 3,480 Health 6h 8,000 Wood 17,500 Food Age04
6 4,080 Health 12h 27,500 Wood 50,000 Food Age05
7 7,038 Health 1d 100,000 Wood 125,000 Food Age06
8 10,560 Health 2d 325,000 Wood 240,000 Food Age07
9 11,880 Health 3d 525,000 Wood 400,000 Food Age08
10 13,366 Health 4d 1,500,000 Wood 800,000 Food Age09

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