"Stonemasonry suffered setbacks in Europe with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The eleventh century saw its resurgence with cathedral construction."


  • Quarries produce stone for your empire. Collect the stone from your quarries. Use stone to train and upgrade siege weapons, and build structures.
  • The Quarry produces Stone, used for upgrading defensive structures such as a Wall or a Archer Tower.

Defensive Strategy

  • Place inside walls
Level Health Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Production Rate Storage Capacity Time to Fill Catch-Up Point* Required Age
1 1,750 Health 12h 4,000 Wood 150 Stone/h 1,200 Stone 8h N/A Age04
2 2,120 Health 16h 8,000 Wood 200 Stone/h 1,600 Stone 8h 2d Age04
3 2,650 Health 1d 20,000 Wood 285 Stone/h 3,000 Stone 10h 32m 2d 8h 28m Age05
4 3,000 Health 2d 50,000 Wood 380 Stone/h 4,800 Stone 12h 38m 6d Age06
5 3,450 Health 3d 12h 250,000 Wood 460 Stone/h 9,000 Stone 19h 34m 16d 15h Age07
6 3,880 Health 5d 375,000 Wood 535 Stone/h 14,000 Stone 1d 2h 10m 30d 16h Age08
7 4,365 Health 5d 12h 900,000 Wood 750 Stone/h 25,000 Stone 1d 9h 20m 14d 22h Age09
8 4,910 Health 6d 2h 1,400,000 Wood 990 Stone/h 40,000 Stone 1d 16h 25m 19d 0h 15m Age09
  • The Catch-Up Point is the time at which the newly upgraded quarry has equaled the total production of the quarry had it not been upgraded - this does not consider recovering the cost of the Wood required to perform the upgrade.

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