"Simple to use, cheap to make, and highly deadly, the crossbow gave even common peasants the power to kill armor-clad knights with ease."


  • Crossbow towers fire large bursts of crossbow bolts at many enemies. Each burst is devastating to enemy troops.
  • Excel at wiping out infantry.
  • Good for killing any troops that get close.
  • Small range and large amounts of high-health units are its weaknesses
  • Susceptible to any unit that can out range it, such as Longbowmen and siege weapons.

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Required Age
1 9,600 Health 130 DPS 134 DPS 7,500 Stone 10h Age04
2 11,520 Health 150 DPS 155 DPS 20,000 Stone 1d Age05
3 13,824 Health 172 DPS 177 DPS 75,000 Stone 2d Age06
4 15,898 Health 198 DPS 204 DPS 250,000 Stone 3d 12h Age07
5 18,282 Health 228 DPS 235 DPS 350,000 Stone 5d Age08
6 21,024 Health 274 DPS 283 DPS 950,000 Stone 6d Age09

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