"Cavalry (Level 1-2); Heavy Cavalry (Level 3-5) & Major Knight (Level 6-8): Knights on horseback had tremendous battlefield mobility and in the medieval era dominated infantry combat."


  • Cavalry have a damage bonus against foot soldiers. They are best used to clear out defending troops.
  • Cavalry are basic mounted soldiers, unlocked from the Level 1 Stable.
  • Bonus against foot soldiers.
  • High attack.
  • Fast.
  • Spearmen, Pikemen, and Grenadiers are his weaknesses

Offensive Strategy

  • Cavalry are great for destroying Guard House troops and patrol units.
  • Cavalry can be used to pick off buildings scattered around the map.
  • Cavalry can be used to rush into the enemies base and destroy resource building quickly due to their high attack.
  • Spearmen/Pikemen can easily destroy defending Cavalry.
  • Highest attack of any common unit. (Not including siege weapons.)

Defensive Strategy

  • Cavalry are good in defense, due to their high attack.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Stable Level Required
1 1,200 Health 150 DPS 150 DPS 60 Food 130s N/A N/A 1
2 1,440 Health 172 DPS 172 DPS 80 Food 130s 26,000 Food 1d 1
3 1,728 Health 198 DPS 198 DPS 100 Food 140s 92,500 Food 2d 2
4 1,987 Health 228 DPS 228 DPS 110 Food 150s 250,000 Food 2d 3
5 2,235 Health 256 DPS 256 DPS 120 Food 150s 400,000 Food 4d 3
6 2,514 Health 288 DPS 288 DPS 140 Food 160s 715,000 Food 5d 4
7 2,828 Health 324 DPS 324 DPS 160 Food 170s 1,500,000 Food 7d 5
8 3,111 Health 356 DPS 356 DPS  180 Food 180s 2,500,000 Food 10d 6

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