"Invented by the ancient Greeks, catapults enabled armies to decimate large swaths of enemy forces and fortifications."


  • Catapult emplacements shoot rocks at long range but cannot shoot troops next to it. The projectile does splash damage over a wide area and is effective at destroying large numbers of enemy troops.
  • Moderate damage
  • Area attack
  • Medium-Long reload
  • Cannot attack adjacent units
  • Short stun time
  • Good range

Offensive Strategy

  • Ladder Invaders are good at destroying them.

Defensive Strategy

  • Guard with cross-bow and flame towers, then your catapult protects your short-ranged towers and your short-ranged towers protect your catapult.
Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 2,925 Health 330 DPS 82 DPS 4,500 Wood 4h 30m Age03
2 3,510 Health 378 DPS 94 DPS 15,000 Wood 16h Age04
3 4,212 Health 392 DPS 98 DPS 160,000 Wood 3d Age06
4 4,844 Health 500 DPS 125 DPS 580,000 Wood 5d 6h Age07
5 5,450 Health 563 DPS 140 DPS 950,000 Wood 7d 12h Age08
6 6,131 Health 633 DPS 158 DPS 2,750,000 Wood 8d Age09
7 6,744 Health 697 DPS 174 DPS 3,200,000 Wood 10d Age10

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