Joining an Alliance

Clan Ranks


The emperor can kick out lords and nobles.


A lord can kick out nobles. They can also post under "announcements."


A noble cannot kick anyone out of the alliance. They can only post in "chat."

Alliance Ranking

Alliance ranking is based on the number of Crowns of its member.

Alliance Chat



X has donated <x> relief force to Y!

Creating an Alliance

  1. Choose the name of the alliance.
    Create Alliance
  2. Make a description of your alliance (optional).
  3. Select the logo of your alliance.
  4. Select the type of the alliance (anyone can join or invite only).
  5. Your alliance is created!

Editing your Alliance

The emperor may edit the Alliance information. He can edit the name, description, logo and alliance type.

Alliance Type

Anyone Can Join

This is a type of Alliance where anyone can join.

Request to Join

If you want to join this alliance, an emperor or noble can accept or decline. Members of this alliance may not invite, however.

Invite Only

Members cannot invite. Only the emperor and a lord can send invite. When an invitation is sent, it will pop up in the Alliance chat.

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