There are 20 attainable achievements.

Achievements Edit

Achievement Image Description Gamerscore
The Dark Ages
Achievement 01
Advance to the Second Age 5 Gamerscore
March Through History
Achievement 02
Win 3 battles in the Historical Campaign 5 Gamerscore
Master Forager
Achievement 03
Loot 30,000 Food 5 Gamerscore
Founding the Empire
Achievement 04
Win 20 Multiplayer Battles 5 Gamerscore
Achievement 05
Successfully defend your castle 10 times 5 Gamerscore
Achievement 06
Destroy 30 Emplacements in Multiplayer Battles 5 Gamerscore
Raiding Force
Achievement 07
Unlock the Raiders from the Barracks 5 Gamerscore
Over the Walls
Achievement 08
Unlock the Catapult from the Siege Workshop 5 Gamerscore
Lord Commander
Achievement 09
Win 100 Crowns in Multiplayer Battles 5 Gamerscore
Flanking Tower
Achievement 10
Upgrade an Archer Tower to level 5 10 Gamerscore
Achievement 11
Loot 100,000 Wood 10 Gamerscore
Achievement 12
Loot 60,000 Stone 10 Gamerscore
Siege Master
Achievement 13
Destroy the Keep 100 times in Multiplayer Battles 10 Gamerscore
Icons of History
Achievement 14
Unlock any 6 heroes 10 Gamerscore
Heavy Cavalry
Achievement 15
Build a Stable 10 Gamerscore
Achievement 16
Unlock each civilization's unique troop 10 Gamerscore
Under the King's Command
Achievement 17
Destroy 40 Walls in Multiplayer Battles 10 Gamerscore
The Renaissance
Achievement 18
Advance to the Eighth Age 25 Gamerscore
Achievement 19
Win 2,000 Crowns in Multiplayer Battles 25 Gamerscore
Multi Cultural
Achievement 20
Upgrade all civilization's unique troop to level 4 25 Gamerscore

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